The "Made in NY" initiative expands to support the city’s fashion design and manufacturing sectors

For decades, New York City has functioned at the center of the fashion universe, an iconic source of talent, creativity, and international influence. At its heart, "Made in NY" is a celebration of this spirit, of the vibrancy and imagination that pulses through the city’s design industry, and of the skilled craftsmanship that bring fashion’s trailblazing creations to life. Building on the legacy of "Made in NY" for the film, television, and digital sectors, "Made in NY" for fashion will showcase the originality, artisanship and diversity of locally manufactured fashion products and the faces behind them. Over the course of the next year, "Made in NY" will invest more than $10 million in a sweeping range of initiatives that support and strengthen the city’s design and manufacturing sectors.

Why I support "Made in NY"

  • Andrew Rosen, Chief Executive Officer, Theory

    " New York represents the pinnacle of innovation, creativity, and excellence within the fashion industry. Although I am a third-generation fashion businessmen, New York is the place where I built my company and serves as an endless source of new inspiration. I am proud to support this program that highlights the spirit of the City and its impact on emerging designers. "

  • Mazdack Rassi, Co-Founder, MADE & Co-Founder/Creative Director, Milk Studios

    " New York has a long history of embracing artists and creatives, which is part of what makes this city so unique. The funding and resources provided by "Made in NY" continue this important tradition by supporting designers and even the industry as a whole. "

  • Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne, Founders, Public School

    " We both grew up in New York, attended local public schools, and share a deep connection with this city. Our brand, Public School, is an ode to our childhood here and a reflection of what New York demands of you – having to stand out, to be authentic, to make a name for yourself. We could not be more pleased to support a program that highlights the spirit of this city and endows its designers and manufacturers with the resources to grow and thrive. "

  • Nanette Lepore, Founder, Nanette Lepore

    " When I started my business with my husband, Bob Savage, we sold my designs out of our boutique in the East Village. Today, I continue to produce a majority of my collection in NYC. New York’s local factories gave me the opportunity to handcraft my product and grow my business organically. I am proud to support “Made in NY” and I encourage all emerging designers to invest in New York's incredibly talented local artisans. "

  • Steven Kolb, Chief Executive Officer, CFDA

    " The CFDA’s mission is to strengthen the influence and success of American Fashion Designers in the global economy. To accomplish this mission, the CFDA helps with every facet of a designer’s business. CFDA Members are passionate and dependent on NYC manufacturing, and work closely with their production facilities to bring their innovative visions to life. The CFDA is proud to support programs like Made in NY, which nurture, elevate and preserve NYC fashion production.
    (Photo Credit: Dario Calmese) "

  • Bob Bland, CEO & Founder, Manufacture New York

    " For creative entrepreneurs around the globe, New York City is an iconic fashion capital at the intersection of innovative design, artisanal craftsmanship and wearable technology. Extending "Made in NY" programs to emerging labels and local manufacturers is a great step towards resiliency in one of fashion's most diverse supply chains. As a dedicated NYC fashion designer, I am excited to witness this recognition of our city's manufacturing heritage and look forward to future growth for participating businesses. "


The "Made in NY" initiative for fashion will include programs intended to support and strengthen New York City’s design and manufacturing sectors:


"Made in NY" opportunities and events will be announced throughout the year. To learn how your business can specifically benefit from these programs, please register below.

News & Events

  • Amanda Hakan for MADE

  • Amanda Hakan for MADE

  • Amanda Hakan for MADE

  • Amanda Hakan for MADE

  • Andy Boyle for MADE

  • Andy Boyle for MADE


Timeline of New York City's fashion design and manufacturing sectors

  • Pre-1850: Most American families make their own clothing; only the affluent can afford to order garments from tailors.

    1840-1850s: The sewing machine is invented and widely adopted in the United States, which substantially reduces the cost of producing ready-made garments.

    1860s: The American Civil War creates demand for thousands of ready-made uniforms for soldiers, popularizing the idea of ready-made clothing.

    1870s: With its large number of skilled immigrants and proximity to seaports and transportation outposts, garment manufacturing begins taking hold in New York City.

    1900: Garment manufacturing in New York grows exponentially, from 562 manufacturing firms in 1880 to 1,200 at the turn of the century.

    1906: Parsons opens the nation’s first program for fashion design.

    1910: Women’s Wear Daily is founded in New York City.

    1916: Zoning Resolution of 1916 is passed, which regulates the height and bulk of new city buildings and sets aside specific provisions for manufacturing.

  • 1919: The city’s number of garment workers totals 165,000, compared with just 39,000 in 1889. 78% of all U.S. clothing is produced in New York.

    1941: The fashion industry’s first trade organization, the New York City Dress Institute, is established.

    1940-1950s: With the advent of World War II, the United States is cut off from access to the latest designs in European fashion, inspiring Americans to begin designing original creations.

    1962: The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) is founded by publicist Eleanor Lambert.

    1972: Seventh Avenue is renamed Fashion Avenue.

    1987: The Special Garment Center District is established, preserving approximately five million square feet for manufacturing and apparel-related uses.

    2010: City of New York establishes Fashion.NYC.2020, a suite of initiatives to foster and grow the city’s fashion ecosystem.

    2015: New York City expands "Made in NY" initiative to the fashion industry and announces programs to support city design and manufacturing sectors.


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